Burhan Khalid Saifaddin

PhD Student

I work at KACST as an engineer and scientist to solve problems that result in long-term economic growth and higher productivities. My primary technical field is designing and building electronic devices using cutting-edge materials such as Aluminum Gallium Nitride (AlGaN). AlGaN band gap can be tailored across the visible to UV electromagnetic range. Ultraviolet LEDs which can be used for rapid disinfection and visible LEDs provide high-quality light at low cost.

I worked on developing a new substrate platform for UV LEDs. My work has led to the first development of 275 nm AlGaN LEDs on SiC which is a new technology platform for thin-film UV LEDs. Also, I worked on the development of lift-off methods of visible thin-film LEDs using photo-electrochemical etching (PEC). My other field on interest includes emerging technologies in electric cars, artificial intelligence, private equity investments, and fintech.

Conference Publications
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Journal Publications
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